About Us

   The Miller Gelbvieh Farm began in 2001 with the purchase of a Registered Gelbvieh bull to add pounds to our commercial calf crop. The plan worked well as the next calf crop averaged 60 lbs heavier at weaning. About the same time we also bought a few Registered Gelbvieh cows. After seeing how well the Gelbvieh cattle worked we started the change to raising Registered Gelbvieh cattle. We knew we needed to utilize top AI bulls in order to improve our genetics so in 2003 we had a friend AI several cows for us. The next year Duane learned to AI and we drastically expanded our use of top bulls available. In 2008 we purchased our first donor cow JBOB 3297K. Her impact on our herd was tremendous. She has produced 2 herd sires for us including the AI sire SLMG High Definition 25Y.

  Our goal is to produce top quality cattle that are calm tempered. They need to be able to thrive in our hot, humid summers and cold, wet winters. They need good feet and legs that can hold up on our rough, rocky pastures.

Visitors are always welcome, so stop by or give us a call today.